Artur Lupashko
I'm bulding a global hotel chain Ribas
Founder and CEO of hotel chain Ribas Hotels
Hotel developer
About me (personal story)
My name is Arthur Lupashko and I help to create unique hotels: bright, recognisable and profitable.
I came to the hotel industry from the construction industry. I was inspired by the book "Four seasons: The story of a business philosophy" by Isadore Sharp, the founder of the Four Seasons hotel chain. On this insane energy of inspiration I came to the hotel owners to say that I can do this better.
And I did it.
In 2013, I tripled the income of the hotel in Zatoka. At that time it was a super result.

In 2014, I agreed to the propositions from neighboring hotels to increase the level of their hotel occupancy too. It was a crisis back then, and the number of tourists was low. But despite this, our hotels were fully loaded.

In 2015, I rented the office and hired a SMM manager, sales manager and accountant. That is when the management company Ribas Hotels Group was founded. Which today has grown to 26 hotels in 8 cities of Ukraine and whose portfolio includes: business hotels, apart hotels, beach and ski hotels, etc.
The main value for Ribas is the reputation and trust of our guests.
During the past 7 years, our partners entrusted us to construct new hotels, and the hotel owners gave us the management of the existing ones.
We look into the future with confidence and are ready to implement the most daring and ambitious projects together with you.
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